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Elmwood's 1000 Year Dalhousie Castle Legacy- This is a history dating from the Ramsay's of Dalhousie Castle in Scotland to the intertwining of the Ramsay, Lorimier, Giboney and Houck families in the settlement of a wilderness which is now Cape Girardeau and its Southeast Missouri environs.

Vagus Nerve Compassion Portal - If you've had a 'gut' feeling about something, but can't explain it by 'logical' thinking, this is the book for you. It explores the seat of the human spirit and how it activates compassion toward others. It presents what the scriptures call the 'bowels of compassion'. 

Bible Acrostic Code Mysteries – Revealing DNA, Fractal, and Quantum Creative Linguistics – An acrostic is structured prose usually with the first line beginning with the initial letter of the alphabet and following lines beginning with subsequent letters. Go with the authors on an exciting journey to the very frontiers of cutting-edge science and scripture. Examine the codes embedded in Psalm 119 and other Bible acrostics.

Of human bonding by ducklings  - How does a little duckling know to bond with whatever it sees first when it emerges from its shell in an incubator? This is the story of little Morty duck who thought he was a human. You will laugh and cry at the adventures of Morty and his friends. For ducks are real comedians; they have a social life and hopefully, daringly escape from their predators.

A Christian Politician in the Lion's Den -  The secular press is usually skeptical of Christian politicians because of their beliefs in scripture. This is the story of a presidential candidate's run for the 2024 election and his answers to a myriad of "gotcha" questions about his beliefs.

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